Democrat Ed Fitzgerald’s record can be summed up in a few words: Incompetence. Mismanagement. Corruption. Cover-ups. Big budgets. Runaway spending. Failure.

Ed Fitzgerald’s policies would take Ohio back to the days of record job loss and unbalanced budgets. Ohioans deserve to meet the real Ed Fitzgerald. Once they do, they’ll see how unfit and unqualified he is to serve as governor of the country’s 7th-largest state.

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Ed Fitzgerald Fails ‘Good Government 101′

Incompetence. Poor judgment. Mismanagement. The Cleveland Plain Dealer and Ohioans across the state agree: Ed Fitzgerald fails ‘Good Government 101.’

“Worst rollout of the year? Ohio candidate owes $1 million back taxes,” Washington Post

“Historians and pundits always say that the first real decision a governor makes is the one of running mate,” Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald, Ohio Democrats’ likely nominee for governor next year, wrote to supporters when he announced he had chosen state Sen. Eric Kearney (D) as his running mate. FitzGerald may be starting to […]

“Ohio lieutenant governor candidate Eric Kearney quits ticket,” Politico

After one of the rockiest campaign rollouts of the year and reports that he owed almost $1 million in back taxes, Eric Kearney, the Democratic state senator in Ohio running for lieutenant governor on the ticket to take on Gov. John Kasich, officially backed out of the race Tuesday. The debacle is a considerable blow […]

“Error can’t be erased: Running-mate blunder shows FitzGerald not fit for prime time: editorial,” Columbus Dispatch

Though state Sen. Eric Kearney has withdrawn from the ticket as running mate for Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Ed FitzGerald, the damage has been done. FitzGerald’s choice of Kearney — who has an unpaid state and federal tax bill approaching $1 million — was stunningly ill-considered, and speaks volumes about the judgment and competence of FitzGerald, […]

“FitzGerald’s puzzling pick: Running mate mired in tax debt raises questions of judgment: editorial,” Columbus Dispatch

Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald would like to be governor, but his first major campaign decision is terribly flawed. Of all the Democratic politicians in the state to choose as his running mate, FitzGerald picked one who not only owes hundreds of thousands of dollars in state and federal taxes, but has been less than […]

“Jeannet Wright nomination fiasco shows FitzGerald lacks the right stuff: editorial,” The Plain Dealer

The challenge that faces Cuyahoga County Executive and gubernatorial candidate Ed FitzGerald can be described as “Good Government 101.” The syllabus of an entry-level political science class centers on the importance of making smart decisions that promote best practices. Exhibit A that FitzGerald needs a major tutorial is his botched handling of his since-withdrawn nomination of acting county […]

“Ed FitzGerald keeps getting burned and has only himself to blame: Phillip Morris,” The Plain Dealer

Just how many more politically unqualified people will he attempt to hoist upon the public without vetting? How many more times will taxpayers and voters be forced to wonder how a former FBI man continues to fail at the most rudimentary background investigations of the people who receive his imprimatur to power? … This race […]

“FitzGerald’s full-term pledge laced with hypocrisy: editorial,” Crain’s Cleveland Business

Ed FitzGerald must never have heard the one about people living in glass houses who shouldn’t throw stones. If he had, he wouldn’t have made the hypocrisy-laced pledge to serve a full term if elected governor of Ohio, and he wouldn’t have pushed his opponents to do the same. This is the same Ed FitzGerald who […]

“Spot the opportunist: Ed FitzGerald’s pledge call underlines his own fickleness: editorial,” Columbus Dispatch

To be successful, a politician needs to be savvy. And if he’s not savvy, then he needs close advisers who are. And if his advisers are savvy, the politician needs to listen to them. Unfortunately for Ed FitzGerald, nothing in this formula is working for him. This has been apparent for some time, but on […]

“Ed FitzGerald’s hypocrisy pledge: editorial cartoon,” The Plain Dealer

Recently Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald requested Ohio Governor John Kasich pledge to serve a full term if re-elected and not run for President. Maybe this is some bizarre attempt on FitzGerald’s part to appeal to conservatives with Grover Norquist like pledge signing demands. FitzGerald’s pledge request is as hypocritical as it would be if […]

“Campaign hits another pothole: editorial,” Columbus Dispatch

Gov. John Kasich’s scorecard is impressive on big-picture issues: balancing the budget, creating jobs, reforming prisons, improving education and caring for the sick. But the man vying for the governor’s job has a complaint: Kasich is to blame for the potholes that bedevil drivers. On Monday, Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald released a statement attacking […]

“Yet another stumble: FitzGerald seems to have weak understanding of job he covets: editorial,” Columbus Dispatch

Ed FitzGerald’s frequent blunders might be worth dismissing as the work of an amateur — if he were not a major-party candidate for governor of Ohio. But he and the Ohio Democratic Party are asking Ohioans to elect him governor, and that makes his weaknesses a serious matter of public concern. The latest — in […]

“FitzGerald’s ‘Win Tax’ pandering: editorial cartoon,” The Plain Dealer

Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald’s “Win Tax” proposal is a loser. Last week the candidate for Ohio Governor proposed making 20% of sin tax dollars distributed to the Browns, Indians and Cavs, contingent on their performances on the field and court. … FitzGerald is performing as if 20% his pay is contingent on his being […]

Plain Dealer Editorial Board Pans FitzGerald’s “Win Tax”

Elizabeth Sullivan, opinion director, Northeast Ohio Media Group: This is a laughably bad idea that underscores how politically opportunistic — and tone deaf — FitzGerald is. It’s unworkable, it’s wrongheaded and it’s going nowhere. Far better just to improve the transparency and accountability of Gateway and City Hall decisions on how all the sin-tax money will […]

The ‘Win’ is a Loser

If Cuyahoga County Executive Ed Fitzgerald sincerely wants to serve the taxpayer, he would shelve his silly, ill-conceived “Win Tax” and simply return to citizens the 20% of the amount currently being collected that he says is unnecessary to maintain Progressive Field, First Energy Stadium and Quicken Loans Arena. … Fitzgerald supported the continuation of […]

“Dubious debate plan: FitzGerald’s call for 11 matchups appears to be a grab for attention: editorial,” Columbus Dispatch

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ed FitzGerald’s latest proposal — that he and Gov. John Kasich hold a whopping 11 debates — smacks of a campaign grasping for any means to gain some traction. … The handling of the debate issue fits with the general half-baked management of FitzGerald’s campaign, which has consisted of attacks on Kasich […]

Ed FitzGerald’s Speech Fail

During his 2014 State of the County address, Ed Fitzgerald had a difficult time finding his place in his speech…

Ed FitzGerald’s Out of Control Spending Proposals

Ed FitzGerald has a secret plan to raise your taxes. “Ed FitzGerald has consistently opposed over $3 billion in tax relief for Ohioans,” said Ohio Republican Party Chairman Matt Borges. “Now we are learning that he appears to be developing a secret plan to raise taxes on Ohioans. Ohioans deserve to know the truth about […]

Fitzgerald’s Budget Incompetence Would Take Ohio Backwards

Big spending. Higher taxes. That’s what Ohioans should expect from Ed Fitzgerald. As County Executive, he introduced a budget that spends more than it takes in, and as a candidate for governor, he has proposed billions in new spending. Ohio tried things that way a few years ago and it led to the largest budget shortfall […]

“FitzGerald torn on state budget’s details: Capitol Insider,” Columbus Dispatch

For months, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ed FitzGerald has ripped Gov. John Kasich’s budgetary moves that led to a net state tax cut of $3 billion. But the Cuyahoga County executive has not detailed what he would do instead — other than say he would have different priorities. Some Democratic insiders say there’s a struggle within […]

“Standard & Poor’s downgrades Cuyahoga County’s credit rating,” The Plain Dealer

NOTE: While the United States and Cuyahoga County have experienced credit downgrades over the past few years, Ohio’s credit outlook has improved. A major bond rating agency has downgraded its assessment of the Cuyahoga County government’s fiscal condition. … The move reflects a change at Standard & Poor’s in which it recently began weighing more heavily the economic […]

“Funding murky for FitzGerald proposals,” Columbus Dispatch

Democratic gubernatorial nominee Ed FitzGerald has only begun to show what his agenda might look like, and even less how he would pay for it. The few policy nuggets he has offered thus far look as if they would cost the state roughly $2.1 billion in new spending over a two-year state budget period. … […]

“Cuyahoga County budget spending: editorial,” WOIO-TV

Cuyahoga County is working on a budget and County Executive Ed Fitzgerald, who is anxious to offset cuts in state spending, wants to stick his hand in the cookie jar.   … The 2013 budget is already whopping $61 million, higher than what was originally projected.  Fitzgerald needs to follow the lead of Governor Kasich and […]

“Candidate for Ohio governor proposes costly, redundant college savings plan,” OhioWatchdog.org

Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald got an idea to open a savings account for every kindergartner in the county and give them $100 to start. … And since FitzGerald, a Democrat, is running for Ohio governor , it should come as no surprise he wants to expand the program statewide. But Ohio already has a college savings […]

“Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald changes story on jail kitchen price hike,” The Plain Dealer

Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald’s administration has given conflicting explanations for why the latest bids for a jail kitchen far exceed bids FitzGerald rejected last year as too expensive. FitzGerald stated in a memo last month that the $900,000 spike reflected inflation and an expansion of kitchen plans by 2,500 square feet. Then, after The Plain Dealer […]

“FitzGerald attacks lack traction: editorial,” Columbus Dispatch

Last week in a speech at a meeting of Ohio’s township trustees, Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Ed FitzGerald disparaged the cuts Gov. John Kasich had to make to local-government funding in order to balance the state’s budget. … Kasich had to make the cuts along with other tough budget decisions because his predecessor, Ted Strickland, left […]

“Cuyahoga County Councilman Dave Greenspan questions FitzGerald administration’s delay in announcing county credit downgrade,” The Plain Dealer

State Republicans have already questioned why Democratic Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald’s administration waited weeks before informing council about a downgrade in the county’s credit score. Now Republican County Councilman Dave Greenspan wants to know, too. And after the FitzGerald administration on Wednesday dismissed Greenspan’s questions as partisan, Council President C. Ellen Connally, a Democrat, joined Greenspan […]

“Ed FitzGerald’s $2 million college savings account program includes $522,000 in overhead,” The Plain Dealer

Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald’s college savings account program will cost taxpayers $522,000 in annual overhead, about one-quarter of the program’s $2 million budget, county records show. That percentage is significantly more than the vast majority of large charities spend to administer their programs, according to Charity Navigator, a non-profit watchdog that tracks budgets of […]

Ed FitzGerald’s Big Spending Plan for Slow-Speed Rail

In 2011, Gov. John Kasich rejected a $400 million grant from the Obama Administration to build the “3-C” passenger rail system connecting Cleveland to Cincinnati.  In doing so, Kasich saved Ohio taxpayers from a $17 million-per-year bill to subsidize a train that would run slower than a 1935 New York Central train. Ed FitzGerald told […]

Ed Fitzgerald is Public Official 14

For years, Cuyahoga County was rocked by criminal corruption trials that led to the convictions of dozens of Democrat elected officials and community leaders with former Commissioner Jimmy Dimora as the kingpin. But Public Official is still in office – Ed Fitzgerald is Public Official 14. Source: Tom Beres, “Ed FitzGerald admits he is ‘Public Official […]

What’s Ed Hiding?

When he ran for Cuyahoga County Executive, Ed Fitzgerald promised to bring more transparency to a local government recently rocked by corruption.  Yet, for months, Fitzgerald has refused to turn over public records showing when he’s at his taxpayer-funded job. Newspapers across Ohio have called upon Fitzgerald to release the records yet he continues to cover up […]

“Ed FitzGerald secretive over records of comings and goings at Cuyahoga County buildings, citing security,” The Plain Dealer

Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald refuses to make public records detailing when he enters and leaves county premises, citing security concerns as the reason for secrecy. … The refusal by FitzGerald to release records of his key card swipes is an abrupt departure from the county’s past practice. For a decade or longer, the county […]

“Former Sheriff Bob Reid: Does Ed FitzGerald have something to hide?,” The Plain Dealer

As Cuyahoga County executive, Bob Reid says he would release the keycard swipe records that current County Executive Ed FitzGerald has decided to keep secret. Reid, a former sheriff and candidate for Cuyahoga County executive in the May 6 Democratic primary, said on Thursday that records tracking the comings and goings of elected officials in […]

“Ed FitzGerald accused of a cover up,” WTAM 1100

Republican leaders are suggesting that Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald is spending too much time on the campaign trail, and not enough time tending to county business.  In a press conference at Cuyahoga County Republican Party headquarters, Chairman Rob Frost accused FitzGerald of not showing up for his day job, and demanded that the executive […]

“Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald must release public key-card data: editorial,” The Plain Dealer

Cuyahoga County Executive Ed “Ethics” FitzGerald trumpets transparency and accountability. Except when it pertains to certain public records. His denial last week of a Northeast Ohio Media Group public records request filed in February is unconscionable. The request sought information on when FitzGerald enters and leaves county premises that would help quantify how much time he spends on […]

“Something to hide? Ed FitzGerald doesn’t want public to measure his job performance: editorial,” Columbus Dispatch

After Tuesday’s primary election, Ed FitzGerald laid his claim to the Democratic nomination for governor. His claim to the ethical high road, however, just gets weaker and weaker. … Refusing the release such ordinary information is a blatant violation of open-records law. It also raises a question: Why doesn’t FitzGerald want voters to know where […]

“FitzGerald’s key card cover-up: editorial cartoon,” The Plain Dealer

The FBI’s old slogan is: “The FBI always gets their man.” But Ohio voters don’t always get public records from a former FBI agent who seeks to be their next Governor.  Even when that candidate’s facebook page has the slogan:  “The people’s money is the people’s business.” … The reason given for denying the FitzGerald […]

“Our View: If records are public, then turn them over: editorial,” The Repository

Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald, the Democratic candidate for governor, is fighting GOP efforts to get hold of records that show what time he swipes his key card to get into his county office. In response to the GOP’s lawsuit, FitzGerald claims there are “security concerns” that make releasing the records unwise. … If you […]

“Full disclosure: editorial,” Akron Beacon Journal

Ed FitzGerald has a problem. The Democratic candidate for governor wants to make much about the lack of transparency on the part of Gov. John Kasich. To do so effectively, he must practice the openness that he preaches. Unfortunately, FitzGerald doesn’t seem to get it. He has refused to release his keycard records that show […]

“Ed FitzGerald muddies his transparency message by keeping keycard records secret: analysis,” The Plain Dealer

The county executive and Democratic gubernatorial candidate, in a move that marks a departure from longtime precedent, refused last week to release keycard records that document his comings and goings from county premises, citing unspecified security threats and opening the door for his critics. … FitzGerald has made transparency a centerpiece to both his political persona […]

“Donation to Ed FitzGerald breaks ethics policy,” The Associated Press

Democratic gubernatorial contender Ed FitzGerald says he’s returning an improper campaign donation from an investment banker who he nominated to a local economic-development board. The Northeast Ohio Media Group reported Wednesday the Cuyahoga County executive collected the $1,000 contribution from banker J.W. Sean Dorsey in April, a week before nominating the League Park Advisors CEO […]

“Why does Cuyahoga County’s inspector general review Ed FitzGerald’s campaign contributions?,” The Plain Dealer

Ed FitzGerald has enlisted Cuyahoga County’s inspector general to examine his political donor lists – a practice that critics of the county executive and Democratic candidate for governor believe is an improper use of taxpayer dollars. Republicans see the frequent reviews as a campaign service performed exclusively and free of charge for FitzGerald by his […]

“Use of county employee to vet campaign donations is not in the public interest: editorial,” The Plain Dealer

Democratic Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald’€™s decision to have a county employee — Inspector General Nailah Byrd — vet political donations to his gubernatorial race to ensure compliance with county ethics laws may have been well-intentioned but it is a totally inappropriate use of taxpayer dollars. FitzGerald should instead assign a paid campaign staff member such as […]

“A questionable arrangement: editorial,” Columbus Dispatch

Ed FitzGerald is running for Ohio’s highest office as a poster boy for ethical government, which makes it all the more baffling that he sees no problem with using a government employee to do work for his gubernatorial campaign. If FitzGerald meant to protect his campaign from controversy, this was an ill-considered approach. Under county […]

“Ed FitzGerald’s choice for Cuyahoga County treasurer failed to comply with county ethics policy,” The Plain Dealer

Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald’s choice for county treasurer for nearly two years failed to disclose income from her half dozen rental properties as required under the county ethics policy, the Northeast Ohio Media Group has found. Jeannet Wright also failed to register the properties, one of which she had owned since 2004, with the county fiscal […]

“Ed FitzGerald’s choice for treasurer’s rental income faces scrutiny from inspector general,” The Plain Dealer

Cuyahoga County Inspector General Nailah Byrd is reviewing interim treasurer Jeannet Wright’s previously undisclosed rental income to see if it poses a conflict of interest with her county job, Byrd said in a Friday interview. “It’s a concern we have,” Byrd said. “We look at all of our disclosures just to make sure there’s not […]

“Ed FitzGerald says former Cuyahoga County treasurer nominee won’t be disciplined over disclosure issues,” The Plain Dealer

Jeannet Wright likely will remain with Cuyahoga County after her interim treasure term ends, County Executive Ed FitzGerald said in an interview Wednesday afternoon. … On Tuesday, FitzGerald rescinded Wright’s nomination to take the treasurer job permanently, saying council members indicated they would not confirm her. … “The mistakes she made to me did not rise […]

“Inspector General Nailah Byrd sees things Ed FitzGerald’s way: editorial,” The Plain Dealer

Cuyahoga County Inspector General Nailah Byrd has cleared County Executive Ed FitzGerald of ethics violations connected with a $1,000 donation made to his gubernatorial campaign last April — but it appears Byrd is allowing semantics to cloud the issue. The case underscores the need — frequently emphasized by outgoing County Council President C. Ellen Connally — to make the […]

Ed Says: Do as I say, not as I do.

Ed Fitzgerald talks a big game when it comes to ethics and transparency, but his actions tell a different story. He promised a transparent government, yet he is covering up public documents. He touts his three-year period on the FBI, yet he was identified as “Public Official 14″ in the biggest corruption scandal in  his […]